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Mike fd ur mum
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Woot Woot Skeet Skeet God Damn. Im Rich Biotch.

There is so much i cant understand. i hate this fucking place...

Current Location: Ft Poke lewiezee anna
I feel : blankblank
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So Today was a major court marshall. One soldier from my unit was accused of rape by two women. Now assuming two women call rape he must of done something wrong. But both women were complete sluts, and married at the same time. One said she was raped by letting a drunk guy into her room. She said he was no threat. I dont know details of him jumping on her. Im pretty sure it mutual. His attorny asked her what was on her bedside table. She said 4 things: 1. a bottle of water 2. a set of keys 3. an alarm clock 4. a container of K Y Jelly. She then stated while she was getting raped she grabbed the KY and applied to her snatch. She never fought or screamed or even tried to get out of that situation. But she was "raped." The next week she was sending myspace messages to him stating that "we only have a few more days together and i hope i see you in the states."
The next female was stationed out here with her husband. He left to go back to the states and well they were having issues. She was downstairs and stated that she was going to a guys room so she can "go get some dick." During the actual trial she changed her story 4 times and didnt let her husband come. She prolly didnt want to get in trouble for sleeping around. Witnesses left and right were stating that she was going up there for it and also that she was sleeping around (aka getting trains ran on her). But instead of facts she used guilt. She sayed that she doesnt want to be in the army anymore and that since then her and her husband have had intimacy problems as well as relationship issues. She said she cant sleep at night as well. Well their issues was because she was a total whore and her sleeping with 5 men in my building after she was raped. Those were more hush hush. She basiclly was about to get caught by the army for sleeping around (which is illegal as hell). She cried rape, because the army tells these females that if they are "drunk" and they have sex they are raped. But if a guy is drunk and a woman has sex with them its nothing... The way they are doing this is all wrong. Well Pvt Claudio wasnt convicted. He was court marshalled, which meant one Officer (Colonel) decides the rest of his life. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison. All of the evidence was in his favor. He was more of a victim of scared married women that were out of control. People there were expecting him to lose and watched the whole trial considered it bullshit. This guy was a dirtbag maybe but didnt deserve this. People didnt even know him and were crying in the court that this could happen. The army used him to continue to scare sex out of soldiers, and gave evil women on more of a chance to use the one thing they have against us, their pussy. Like I said "if a girl is drinking and you have sex its rape" but its not the same for a guy whos drinking. Even if it is consentual sex amongst the two, its rape. Even if the guy is drunker its rape. The people of the army make me sick. This man will not be a free man till he is 35 years old he is 24 now.

I feel : crushedcrushed

haha I look back through out the years. I woulda smacked myself now.

Its been so long since ive been on this thing. Last year was my last post saying does this thing still exist... Well I joined the army and i am moving away....
myspace me www.myspace.com/stuckondabeach

well its post birthday day... i am no longer a teenager... we had fun i went to chillis got drunk n well you know the drill. So wish me a belated happy birthday....

I have a new hobby... I am "talking" to three women... all three of course dont know about eachother. All three have insisted that they love me. Well its the season for loving. or not. I am going to get every gilr i can to fall in love with (its really easy) and brake their evil whore hearts. I fucking hate these women, not all women but these dumb fucking hos that never shut up these dumb ass whores, there are exceptions in this but not too many But if you are a dumb ho look out cause im going to brake your heart you dumb bitch

I feel : pissed offpissed off

Family Reunion Today. Didnt know one person just like every year. so justins offering me some work pretty soon, get outa Fat Food Hell...Then ill have weekends and the evening to do whatever the fuck i want... It seems that I have to work now

Im mike jones

I feel : fullfull

but you know how we do

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